Everyone loves a playlist.


Here’s 10 songs I can’t stop listening to lately, posted without comment cos just go listen ok!


  1. Elvis Depressedly-Wastes of Time
  2. Alanna McArdle-Balloons
  3. Yr Friends- Tom Doesn’t Work Here Anymore
  4. R.E.M.- One I Love
  5. Alex G-Sarah
  6. Robert Palmer- Johnny and Mary
  7. Galaxie 500- Strange
  8. Happyness-Montreal Rock Band
  9. Wilco- Im trying to break yr heart
  10. Jason Molina- Let Me Go, Let Me Go, Let Me Go.

Honorary Mention to every new Justin Bieber Single.



Downer:Track by Track.

No one asked for this but I guess my self indulgence means Yr gonna get it and maybe like one person will enjoy it!

TL:DR and Grammar Fails Warning


This song started life by recycling some parts of old songs that I liked the ideas of but was never really happy with the execution.The title and verse kinda came from a convo on Tumblr about the welsh word Cwtch having no literal English translation and I really liked how something with no literal translation was explained exactly the same way by so many different people. It’s kinda where the journey starts, like the song is about being bored in yr hometown and there being nothing to do and how it always rains on bank holidays (it always does trust me!) and I guess, I’d gradually managed to fall out with lots of people just due to my dis-satisfaction with my general existence and then I met a girl, who absolutely blew me away, and the chorus was about a Saturday night where I’d been invited out to see some people I hadn’t seen in a long time, but I kinda knew was gonna end badly so I blew it off and went and hung out with this awesome girl I’d just started dating and she was sitting on her doorstep smoking a roll up and we were listening to On and On by The Longpigs (my choice, from my weird brief 2012 obsession with that band) and then as the song finished a load of fireworks went off over the train station by her house and we both laughed and it was this just really sweet and magical moment that kinda doesn’t happen IRL andd I guess when I was writing the record in hindsight part of me maybe thought that despite being bored as fuck and frustrated as fuck with life generally, maybe a relationship with the right person could sustain it. But sadly relationship with said Girl didn’t last (100% my fault).

2. Sulk: 

I’ve had this song for a while and It’s a complete and utter rip off of an Ace Bushy Striptease song that gradually morphed its self into a Galaxie 500 song. I think that all the songs flowed together consciously and subconsciously. I think the lyrics to this one are pretty self explanatory. I always say its about hating Croydon though I don’t necessarily think its about hate as much as realising all you have left is memories and  none of those were really as good as you wanted them to be anyway. As nostalgia creeps in you’ll miss those things that happened and romanticise them to be better than they probably were whilst listening to some kind of sad song. The Bruce Springsteen song I’m PROBABLY talking about is Atlantic City. The Morrissey song could be anything I don’t really know. This is also the first song that’s a subtle nod to the genius of Ben Parker.

3. Living Ghost:

This started out as me mis-playing the riff to Dramamime by Modest Mouse but ended up sounding more like Johnny Foreigner or something. The song is a generally miserable “breakup” song I guess and I guess this is where it fitted in the #concept kind of being a callback to Cwtch like I’m Stewart Lee or something. It’s kind of about, when things are going bad you let yr mind wander to the people where its gone bad before and yr memories and people will have changed since you last spoke and you kinda hope they’re super happy now, but they’ll be forever frozen in time in yr memories like a ghost and I guess even if they did come back and you started talking again it wouldn’t necessarily be the same and thats probably ok I guess.

4. CRZER0:

This is like Sonic Youth does Born To Run and our most complete attempt at being the world’s worst Nosferatu D2 tribute band. The riff is meant to be a amalgamation of Ben Parker, Thurston Moore and Mike Kinsella’s styles. It’s kind of the angrier more bitter non gendered relation of Sulk. Realising you’ve got to a point where there’s no point dwelling you’ve gotta make that leap because yr just gonna get more bitter and angry and then yr gonna internalise it and be bored and start to externalise it by hating on everyone and becoming isolated for no real reason. the ‘You could burn down my home town,” is a direct reference to/crib from Springsteen by Nosferatu D2. I really like Nosferatu D2. (REALLY)

5. Yr So last So Last Summer:

Yes, The title is a Taking Back Sunday reference. The song it’s self is about splurging everything thats in Yr head at this cool girl you’ve just met and her getting freaked out and then going to a house party and getting INCREDIBLY drunk and being on a trampoline in Streatham wondering WTF yr doing with life and how you need to stop trying so hard to do things you think will make you feel better/happy without actually working out why you feel so shit in the first place. It’s kind of the line which things are drawn under, where self improvement begun. It started off like me trying to merge Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything style piano riff With Passenger Seat by Death Cab style Piano Riff annddd like Things and Stuff by Joey Fourr (which is still my fav Joey Fourr song).

6. Suburbs:

This is about the night I met a friend of a friend and we began this thoroughly doomed on and off nearly relationship that lasted probably far too long to be any good for either of us. Though the first night we met was pree Perfect in that kind of yr both drunk enough to not be cynical about how YA fiction this has all been. There’s obvs a reference to Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless mind, and the line about giants is meant to be a semi lift from We Look Liked Giants by Death Cab. It’s about the idea of running again I guess or maybe finding somewhere to stop running and how we were both at University and had ended up in this weird but gorgeous field and you could see stars down the side of the A3 and there was stars and rain and much cliche, such outdated meme.

7.’No New Messages’:

I wrote the lyrics to this on the way back from seeing Johnny Foreigner at Birthdays. It’s obviously got another call back because, #concept and #stewartleefanboy but its kinda part 2 to Suburbs. Same girl, same situation just months down the line and lots of frustration later. It’s kinda just to let frustration out. I don’t have anything bad to say about her though. She’s a good human and I was never mad at her just frustrated I guess with the situation.

8. Misery Gutz:

This song literally just like fell out of my brain with a lot of the lyrics. I just picked up a guitar and song the chorus straight out pretty much. It’s all kind of the same kind of themes and kind of, for whatever reason how much I kind of internally tore myself up a little over the situation with the girl and how it played on my mind a lot and really made me feel weird mentally for a short period of time. The verses are a little less specific and took longer to write, and I kinda cribbed together lots of ideas for longer things I wanted to say into the framework so only some of them make sense and something loneliness, something casual hook ups coupled with never really getting over feeling weird at like 15 and never being able to realise you’ve kinda got past that weird awkwardness and you can be comfortable in yrslf and no one is gonna judge you for it but still carrying the past with you and stuff. another ghosts reference. I think I mention ghosts a lot on this record. spooky.

9. Weak Egos:

I can’t really remember what I was trying to rip off but there was definitely something. This is an apology to various different people for how much of a dick I’d been and how much I missed them and how I’d kinda like to make things right when I feel grown up enough to talk to them again, if fate allows us to somehow bump into each other. The title comes from a lecture at University about psychoanalysis and how our lecturer was all like, ‘why is no one answering any of my questions?’ when we’re all just sitting there listening to Freud’s theories and like re-considering our entire lives. I’ve always kinda wondered in a weird way if the people that songs directly relate to will ever hear the record or read this and kinda realise or not.Probably not.

10. False Alarm: possibly my favourite song on the record. This isn’t about a specific person but it kind of is. It’s kind of about how I do this thing in my head when I feel bad about stuff where I think if I change the way I look I’ll change the way I feel and I can be the person I want to. It’s kind of the end point of the near relationship too. I guess it’s slightly bitter but at fate more than the other person and at more than one person and just bitter at myself for being lame and shit and for being immature maybe.I like the catharsis of playing this live but I’ve lost/broken/damaged cables, capos, mic stands just kinda throwing myself around to this song. It’s kind of like the end of the story but not.

11. Over (It): Kinda a prologue I guess, It’s pretty self explanatory and its about how maybe just being yrslf is ok and maybe I should draw a line under everything that’s kinda gone on in the past.There’s more ghosts and I guess me trying to tell myself to just stop and just stop worrying. Those things are over, but you can do whatever if you want to.


Things that have happened.

1.We’ve been hauled up in a practice room and due to a creative streak an EP turned into writing an album which we’re nearly finished writing. It’s changed shape and course a lot as it has been written but everything so far I can only describe as honest and open….maybe too honest and open at times.

2. We is the minimal full band 2 piece current incarnation lineup of Alex Chilltown.

3. We’re going to be playing some small shows to test songs out, before locking ourselves in my basement (avoiding my housemates) to try and get some recording done.

4. Thankyou for all the kind words regarding the Sulk EP and generally for everyone who says anything kind ever, it really does mean a lot that you like the songs. Thanks to anyone who paid money for it  too! it really helped sort me out with some bits and bobs I needed (strings e.t.c)

5. If anyone would like to book us to play in their garage/basement/bedroom/living room/space email Alexchilltown(At)Gmail.com



DEAR MY BLOG, as I’m Incredibly, (INCREDIBLY) geeky about this kinda shit. here is a track by track of Stupid Perfect. I Hope you enjoy.

1. Pics or It Didn’t Happen: The title for this came from the fact that I’d basically been going around places with a disposable camera and taking pictures of places that were important to me, or just seemed interesting. I Originally wrote this song a lot slower and less thrashy but I realised I’d just wholesale stolen Rabbit Kids by Shrag so I decided to just keep the first chord and then spin it into a non plagiaristic direction. I wrote the lyrics on one of the macs at my university and then kept editing them, whilst listening to lots of Pity Sex and Get Up Kids (I think that’s probably very evident in the final song!). The song is about  leaving things behind and how not so easy that is to do, but kind of wanting to, a lot, it’s very much a recurring theme on most of the stuff.

2. All The Same Feels: This song kind of wrote itself, This and pics kind of happened around the same time of binging listening to lots of emo bands. I came up with the riff and the lyrics kind of gradually just fell out of my mouth, and then I shaped them into something that’s kind of about how things kinda seem when yr young enough to believe you can still change the world but old enough to not wanna set it on fire, with the whole UKIP thing it feels very apt and timely, it addresses lots of things I think need addressing. For some reason on the early demos I’m singing it like its a Johnny Foreigner song for reasons I never quite worked out, but may have something to do with, after I broke up with a girl I was seeing for like a week then subsequently binge listened to You Vs Everything, constantly.

3. Rivers Combover: This song got cut so many times and then kept eeking its way back because every time I played the riff it just felt cool and sounded cool, I just hated the lyrics and still kinda do (they’re clunky). I had the initial idea for the lyric walking down Oxford Street and just being sick of the fucking vapid consumerism, like, I’m not against buying things, but judging your worth in material possessions is fucking stupid and hateful and selfish, and I just CBA with any of that. The Song just didn’t work till I added the top line guitar melody either. It was meant to be jangly like C86’s-y  but I’m really pleased with how much like Pavement it sounds without sounding anything like Pavement. I scrapped another song from the record for sounding too much like Pavement, to the point of tribute, (which will probably see the light of day on a B-Side somewhere though!) The title pun is one of my finest achievements ever and I Don’t know if I can ever top it.

4. Churchill Square: I’d been to see Yuck in Brighton, (after bagging guest list and getting to hang about chatting to them after, they’re cool guys!) with some friends and I knew another girl down in Brighton. I ended up missing the last train home and going and meeting her and we kinda ended up hooking up at Sussex Uni in the middle of the night and shit kind got awkward and that’s kind of what the lyrics were about. Obviously because I’d left her I didn’t actually have anywhere in Brighton to stay and this was a good couple of hours before the trains started again. I ended up going and sitting in the 24 hour Burger King and reading High Fidelity until all the drunk freshers from Brighton came in as the clubs were throwing out, (shout out to the really cool girl who stopped for a conversation, you were rad!), I think I’ve super explained every lyric in the song, but Oversharing is probably what I do best.

5. Shipwrecked: This song is about so many different things rolled into one,especially Tumblr, it’s just a stream of consciousness. Having been in bands previously and doubting yr ideas and having people tell you not to and to stop caring what people think is probably what the first verse is about and how ever since I started doing this and stopped caring people seem to be more interested in what I’ve got to say, (which is fantastic!) The chorus is about someone who was a friend but we fell out, (totally my fault) which kind of spills into the second verse a bit. lessons in misadventure.

6. Hold Onto Yrslf: I don’t think I need to explain this one. it kinda is what it is. Nosferatu D2 are one of my favourite bands ever of all time and I ended up writing the guitar part to this accidentally, while trying to learn to play their song Springsteen by ear. When we mixed this I told Mark I wanted it to sound a bit like The Fall and we got those drum machine sounds even more eightiesed up than they were programmed, which I didn’t think was humanly possible.

7. History: This was meant to be my bombastic Born To Run moment. Bruce Springsteen but with a side fringe and staring at his shoes, hammering away at that old fashioned romanticism for escape. I think again it’s one that lyrically speaks for itself, there’s no real coded or semi coded references it’s hardly implicit or subtle, but I hope you get the sentiment.

Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did

listen here if you wanna




Welcome to my strange little wordpress blog, Where I Rant about stuff and tell you what’s awesome (all in my own, self important opinionated way).

So I emailed a bunch of Blogs about the single and a few of them actually covered it which was Rad. Not only did they cover it, they said some awesome things about it and everybody has been generally very nice and helpful and making me feel a little bit less cynical about life, or well, This bit of life.  I still feel like an angsty, awkward motherfucker when it comes to trying to socially interact with other people for sustained periods of time. 

Thankyou, I’m going to go back to listening to Jeffrey Lewis and hoping something interesting happens before bed.